Volumes released to date,and new volumes in progress to be published in the near future,bs”d.

Excerpts from letters of praise and recognition received from grateful users of these seforim.

“Sefer Avodah Berurah on Masechta Avodah Zarah was a huge help in learning the Masechta and especially when I was teaching it to a Daf Yomi shiur. The shiur members enjoyed it greatly….”
“It has been a long time since a sefer of such clarity and enlightenment on Avodah Zarah appeared….”
“What an important and precious Sefer. A sight to behold.Everything organized with precision, daf by daf in clear beautiful letters….”
“I offer you my gratitude from the depths of my heart for opening up the gates of understanding for those of us learning Masechta Erchin….”
“I must thank you once again for your masterpiece….
I would find it impossible to understand and appreciate the Masechta without it…. It is an amazing work….”

“Our Kollel is learning Avodah Zarah. I love your Likut! A tremendous act of Harbotzas Hatorah….”
“Your sefer was very helpful for many difficult sugyos we were learning in Avodah Zarah…”
“I must share my feelings with you…. I have witnessed a Masechta which was until now “Zarah – a stranger” turn into a “Berurah – a clear one”….this sefer is priceless….”
“We wish to thank you for your wonderful contribution to those of us learning Masechta Erchin…. our hands literally have not budged from these amazing seforim throughout each and every sugya…. they have been a great help to the members of our chaburah….”
“This sefer is not only an “Avodah Berurah” – it is an “Avodas Peleh” – a wondrous work…”